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In October 2018, a new Board of Directors for the International Foundation of Learning was appointed under the leadership of long-time Chairman, Dr. Desmond Berghofer, and President, Dr. Geraldine Schwartz.


In order to facilitate the new work of the IFL in support of the Visioneers Project, Directors were chosen from the Inner Team of the Visioneers Project, who are familiar with the objectives of the Project.


The following Board members were appointed at the AGM held on October 5th, 2018.

Shannon Cairns, Secretary

Dr. Owen Anderson

Dr. William Borgen

Jim Haliburton

Dennis Jennings

Diane Jennings

Andrew MacRae

Lori-Ann Speed


Dr. Desmond Berghofer


Dr. Geraldine Schwartz



All of the projects supported by the IFL in the past could be described as Visioneering Projects that improve the world in some specific way, with specific emphasis on leadership, education, youth, the environment, health and wellness, and the arts.


In recognition of this historical emphasis, the IFL is now going forward to specifically support Visioneering Projects over a broad spectrum of human activity in partnership with the Visioneers International Network.


All of the people involved with the International Foundation of Learning over the years, and going forward into the future, may be described as Visioneers focused on improving the world in whatever ways and wherever they can.


The work of the IFL over its first 26 years of existence is captured in the words of Dr. Geraldine Schwartz, who served as president during that time.

As I write this story and allow my mind to wander over the 26 years of leading this project as its President, I am enormously moved by the conclusion that whoever else has benefited from the work begun so hopefully in 1983, and expanded so eloquently in the various formats that followed, the ones who benefitted the most have been those hundreds of individuals who volunteered along the way, and of course the most significant among them were the members of the leadership committees whose work lasted for years after the IFL's establishment.


I thank them deeply and profoundly, since I know myself to be the biggest beneficiary of all. 

I recommend this project without reservation to those who will volunteer to carry its legacy into the future. 


I thank them in advance in the sure knowledge that they will not only make the learning journey better for the children and youth they serve, but that they too in their time will see the greatest of rewards, the opportunity to make a difference. 


Geraldine Schwartz, Ph.D.

President, International Foundation of Learning

Principal, Vancouver Learning Centre

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 9.42.04 PM.png

The above constitution was adopted in October 2018 to facilitate the work of the International Foundation of Learning in support of the Visioneers International Network.

IFL Constitution 2018

  1. The name of the Society is the INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION OF LEARNING (IFL)

  2. The purposes of the Society are:

    1. To work in collaboration with chosen partners and projects to stimulate learning about improving conditions in the world across all ages, with a particular emphasis on youth, by:

      1. Supporting the development of an online web of good work;

      2. Supporting the maintenance of the web of good work;

      3. Hosting events to recognize individuals and groups who are conducting projects of good work; and

      4. Supporting the provision of seminars, training and workshops for individuals wishing the conduct projects of good work.

    2. To connect people around the world who are making positive contributions to a peaceful, sustainable, enriched, equitable and just quality of life so that their good example may serve as a model for others.

    3. To enter into partnerships with organizations, societies, and individuals (especially leaders) whose actions and activities are in synchrony with the purposes of the Society.

    4. To assist in developing projects, models and ideas that inspire good work for the improvement of the world.

    5. To engage leaders in communities around the world whose life’s work has demonstrated their courage, integrity and contribution to the good of humanity, creating connections and networks to spread awareness of the web of good work.

    6. To develop leaders of every age, but particularly young leaders, to participate in the work and the projects with which the IFL chooses to partner.

    7. To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing purposes in the areas of the environment and sustainability, peace, the arts and humanities, education, community, health and well-being, international relations, and other related areas of human activity.

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